Why Fun Skills Academy?

After working within sports development and education for the past 10 years, the directors of Fun Skills Academy created the company to combat the decline in children’s basic physical skill levels. This decline results in high drop out rates of participation in sport which is linked to the alarming childhood obesity rates in Scotland today. Through participating in preschool physical activities, children develop many other skills in addition to physical movement such as working with others, sharing and listening skills. Fun Skills Academy promote and encourage participation in regular physical activity as part of a lifelong healthy active lifestyle.

How the Fun Skills Academy programme helps:

  • Increased activity through fun
  • First steps toward a healthy, active life
  • Improved coordination, movement, skills
  • Importance of team play & social interaction
  • Sense of achievement, increased self-esteem

National Association for Sport and Physical Education (2002) Active Start - A Statement of Physical Activity Guidelines for Children Birth to Five Years:

Guideline 1

Should accumulate at least 60 minutes daily of structured physical activity.

Guideline 2

Should engage in at least 60 minutes and up to several hours of daily, unstructured physical activity and should not be sedentary for more that 60 minutes at a time except when sleeping.

Guideline 3

Should develop movement skills that are building blocks for more complex movement tasks.