Programme Overview

The child will develop their fundamental movement skills over 8 nursery activity sessions** which will help them take part in sport.

Fundamental movement skills such as throwing, catching, hopping, running, jumping, rolling, receiving and striking are taught and developed through exciting progressive nursery activities and games using music and equipment.

The programme will help set the foundations for the child to have an active healthy life. Fun Skills Academy is committed to helping children get and stay active in the current climate of increasing childhood obesity.

Fun Skills Academy coaches will make sure that the children will improve their skills in addition to developing their confidence and self-esteem.

ALL children will leave the sessions feeling a sense of achievement after having lots of fun in the comfort of their own nursery surroundings.

Our innovative Bronze, Silver & Gold awards reward the children as they work their way through the levels, receiving certificates and medals from the Academy as they graduate to each level.

The sense of achievement that the children feel when receiving their medals is something that raises self esteem and further encourages them to take on new challenges.

Level of award Age of child
Gold 4-5 years
Silver 3-4 years
Bronze 2-3 years
  * 2 years dependant
on child's development

Our programme complements the Curriculum for Excellence by delivering a comprehensive physical activity programme which ensures that every child can reach their potential.

Members of nursery staff are welcome to observe the children during sessions, to assist in their ongoing nursery planning and are given feedback on each child’s individual development.

** Each basic programme consists of 8 weeks of delivery at the nursery however, for long term development and improvement, extended block bookings would be encouraged.